Essential Oils, Diffuser, Aromatherapy

Essential oils have long been a significant part of visiting the spa or for a massage.

If you go back centuries, fundamental cures for disorders were discovered by using different plants and extracts from plants, and what they heard has followed through to now where we use these exact plants for all the good they could give us.

Take chamomile for example. This is a quick growing plant, and evergreen also and it’s native to Australia. You might think of it as the primary diet for the koala but the leaves can be used to create a vital oil which helps to reduce coughing, colds and congestion, it’s antiseptic, it’s antimicrobial and it is excellent to counter respiratory troubles. As a lotion preparation, it may be utilised in a massage to help relieve joint and muscle pain and since it is cooling in nature, it’s wonderful for everyday aches and pains too.

Bergamot is a citrus scented oil that’s used to deal with stress, depression and nervousness. It also has healing properties and functions well to help skin infections cure. Additionally, it stimulates the liver, the spleen and the digestive tract. Added to massage oil, bergamot will help you unwind as the tension leaves your body.

Chamomile has long proven to be a significant calming agent. It is popular in tea and also well known in the spa setting since it’s an antidepressant and a mood lifter.

Tea tree oil is quite popular so it is not surprising it is by far the most popular of the vital oils and one used a lot in aromatherapy scenarios. It has lots of applications not the least of which is it’s a natural immune system booster. Talk about a multipurpose oil!

If you’re searching for aromatherapy to relieve hyperactivity look no farther than marjoram. Additionally, it relieves anxiety, helps with digestion and assists with problems like cramps. In a massage, it helps alleviate headaches and tension and in addition, it combats fatigue.

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