Binge Eating

Fries and Burger on Plate

Does thinking about food so much finally become a binge eating session to you? Does this sound like you?

You are sitting at home and you can’t stop thinking about food. You get up at the pantry, close the door, and look in the refrigerator. You don’t understand what you’re interested in, but you feel obsessed with food, like you will need to eat it because you are at home. You try not to eat it, because you know West Melbourne Raccoon Removal what will happen. It’s the same cycle as always: A small bite of something will become a binge eating session.

This happens to many men and women. Harmless snacking initially becomes a gigantic binge eating moment and they feel like they just can’t stop. It is true that most of the time people do turn to food for comfort and because of some kind of emotional issue that occurred to them previously, but what about the folks that can’t relate to that? Such people just know that they really enjoy food and feel as though they can not stop eating, which always turns into a binge for them.

So once you want to learn how to prevent binge eating and suppress any cravings, what can you do?

1. Chew gum. Many times we are bored and eating sounds like just what to do to pass time. Rather than leading to a potential binge with a trigger food, try chewing gum. The constant chewing gum will deceive your mind and you won’t find that you are drifting off to snacking. You’ll find satisfaction with choosing a gum which has a long-lasting flavor.

2. Do something. It’s the same thing with people working at an office. The neighborhood candy bowl or the kitchen appear to just be convenient, and before you know it, you have consumed food that you weren’t even hungry for. Instead of falling victim to convenience, why not remove yourself from the circumstance. If you’re at home and the kitchen keeps calling your name, leave the house. Making the kitchen imperceptible to you will genuinely help you to not snack as much and will definitely curb future binges.

3. Find motivation. What motivates you to remain on track? Is there a blog that you visit regularly or a site? Have you got a friend that will keep you on track? Think about your motivation towards not binging and get it done. Not only will you become motivated not to binge and bite, but it (hopefully) will not even be in your mind anymore.

4. Find the alternative. This tip worked well for me. If you begin to crave a food, do not deprive yourself of it necessarily; just find a healthier version of it. If you are craving tacos, make them at home since they will be healthier. If you can’t get sweets out of your mind, instead of reaching for the bag of chocolate, try an apple or another sweet fruit. Often you will feel satisfaction since you’re still satisfying your sweet tooth… only in another way.

The next time you can not seem to stop obsessing over food, or if a craving just seems like it is too much, try some of the tips. They worked for me when I was thinking how to prevent binge eating for myself and hopefully you’ll have success with them as well.


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