I Want to Suck Your Blood

Bats are highly valuable creatures among us in character. They eat tens of thousands of insects, such as pesky mosquitoes, every night, per bat! This can be excellent pest management for summertime cookouts and garden bonfires. However they also have a terrible reputation among individuals, mostly since they prefer to take refuge in attics and other dark areas of a house, inducing structural damages and smelly messes. But another attack for these is to do with dread. Lots of individuals think they’ll strike humans; and some even fear they’ll suck their blood! However, this is nowhere near the reality. Bats are unlikely to strike a person unless triggered, but there’s one species which will drink blood. It’s known as the vampire bat! Keep on reading to find out more about this particular bat and how is beverages blood to survive.


But don’t fear, they’re not following human blood such as the films suggest. Rather, these bats have the blood of different sorts of mammals. The frequent vampire bat favors the blood of horses and cows; whereas the other two species feed largely on pigs, goats, and birds.


Vampire bats don’t use echolocation to search. They always approach their prey out of the floor and search at the darkest portion of the night. They creep onto their prey and produce a little bite with their teeth that are well-defined over a vein. As blood oozes from the little bite they left, they lap up the blood for as much as thirty minutes. This doesn’t hurt the host in any respect. Some don’t even notice. It is like giving blood with no lollipop in the end! Bats also have a unique sensor in their noses which detects heat, enabling them to easily track down a dependable vein inside their prey.

Nuisance Issues

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