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While we frequently, refer to, home ownership, as a core element, of the American Dream, it is important, for us, to have a realistic look, in the duties, and prerequisites, involved, if that is, to truly be a dream, rather than a possible nightmare! Before embarking on the house – hunting, procedure, carefully, introspectively, objectively, analyze and consider, your private motives, character , what makes you happy/ satisfied, and if, it is a fantastic course, for you. After, you have determined, what is best, for you, and understand, what you need, it is vital to clearly think about, and examine, what you may be able to manage. This implies, moving, in a responsible, well – intended, and recognized manner, concentrated, on preparing for the many contingencies, of home ownership. With that in mind, this guide will try to briefly consider, review, and talk, a few measures, which in turn, both reduce unnecessary stress and hassle, and optimize the potential enjoyment!

  1. Reasons for buying that home: Why do you want to buy, any particular house? Does this meet your current needs, and to the future? Are you the sort of person, who loves moving, or would you rather, stay in your current quarters? What are your needs, goals, and priorities, concerning place, neighborhood, schools, prices, transport, amenities, etc? Why, this home?
  2. Down – payment: Do you have the required funds, to possess the down – payment, while avoiding, putting too much stress, on your own, due to using these funds? Wise homeowners prepare, and make their travel, far less stressful!
  3. Needed reservations: The best way, to move, is to put together, several reserve funds, to be able to facilitate your way, forward! Once, you’ve bought your property, most men and women confront monthly fixed expenses, including mortgage payments (including principal, taxes, and escrow items, such as insurance, etc), utilities (electric, heating, phone, tv, internet, etc). Realize, having a home, requires preparation, for affording the costs of routine repairs, such as appliances, heating, water, etc.. Create a reserve fund, for this particular area. Sooner or later, many recognize, their home needs certain upgrades, renovations, etc..

Are you ready to become a happy homeowner?

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